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7 Podcasts To Inspire Every Young Creative + Entrepreneur In 2016

Podcasts may have been cool before "Serial," but I was missing out on all the fun, and now, I keep discovering fascinating, empowering, challenging shows that are sure to inspire young creatives and entrepreneurs. Here are 7 you need to know.

Podcasts are having a well-deserved moment. They're one of the most accessible and easy-to-digest media formats, particularly for complicated stories and big ideas. Simply download a show to your phone, and you can listen to it at work, on your commute, at home and at the gym. This lends them particularly to shows that educate and inspire, and to an audience that is busy, engaged and motivated. That is, they're a perfect fit for entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, adventurers.

Here are 7 podcasts to inspire, encourage, strengthen and challenge you in 2016!

1. On Being

Recommended by friend of BYOM and future Muse Lauren Hill, surfer and eco-activist, this Peabody Award-winning podcast asks "What does it mean to be human?" and "How do you want to live?" Hosted by the incredible Krista Tippett, On Being is an exploration of humanity that encourages its listeners to pursue a more conscious, intentional life.

For those entrepreneurs, creatives and adventurers who believe that life is grand voyage of deepening understanding, awareness and compassion, this is a powerful show.

2. StartUp

StartUp is a podcast that explains what it's really like to start a business. Each season follows the story of one business over the course of approximately 10 episodes. This season, the business is The Dating Ring, a tool that combines technology with matchmaking.

In this series, they talk about different challenges and successes of starting and growing a business in a way that is personal and productive.

3. Magic Lessons

Led by Elizabeth Gilbert, the inspiring powerhouse behind the books Eat. Pray. Love. and Big Magic, the podcast Magic Lessons is all about encouraging listeners to pursue their passions with intelligence and appreciation for the unexpected. It expands upon some of the ideas she discusses in Big Magic (a must-read for all creatives).

This podcast is a little bit different from others on the list because many of the episodes are structured like conversations between friends. Gilbert is widely respected as a thought leader, and speaks with her friends who are also thought leaders, like Brené Brown and Cheryl Strayed. It's an excellent listen.

4. She + Her

Founded by two young women in North Carolina, Anita Rao and Sandra Davidson (of Bit + Grain), She + Her is all about millennial women. Designed for women, those who identify as women and those who support women, this podcast digs into tough issues like sexuality, gender politics, religion, culture, family and much more.

The episodes often interview an inspiring or empowering woman, but they are particularly strong because of the story they craft. These stories will broaden your perspective and encourage self-love - both which are essential to personal success and a life well-lived.

5. Art For Your Ear

Art for Your Ear is a wonderful way to engage with contemporary art, guided by one of the freshest voices on the scene, the Jealous Curator. The JC started an eponymous blog a few years ago that showcased contemporary artists whose work she found so beautiful and compelling that it incited jealousy. It's a refreshing and unpretentious way to approach contemporary art, and her voice is beautifully shared in this medium.

For artists and art enthusiasts who care about keeping an eye on emerging talents and ideas, this podcast is an invaluable (and fun) resource.

6. TED Radio Hour

No podcast list could be complete without NPR. They've collaborated with TED to produce the TED Radio hour. Each episode is a fun brain game, inviting you to learn more about topics ranging from psychology to evolutionary theory and everything in between. It's one of those podcasts that introduces so much new information, so beautifully, that you'll keep thinking about it all week.

There's no telling how these varied ideas and concepts will influence the thinking of a creative problem-solver, and that is an exciting prospect!

7. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Mental and emotional health are essential to achieving sustainable success, and Gretchen Rubin is here to help cultivate both. As the creator of The Happiness Project, Rubin has established herself as a leader in the space. This podcast continues to develop those ideas, and provide additional inspiration.

This is the kind of wholesome, generous podcast that will keep you motivated and encouraged as you take on the world.