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The Sound of Life in New York City

Sidewalk art at the 6th and A bus stop.

Sidewalk art at the 6th and A bus stop.

This city is pocketed, dense and expressive. Walking down 7th Street earlier this week, I passed a restaurant (Tink’s) that had its doors and windows open and had a singer inside really going for this older John Legend track – but I couldn’t hear it until I was right on it.

The average noise level in this city is so high that sound just doesn’t travel very far because it gets drowned out. This might be a micro insight into a macro tendency of this city, and if so, sounds more depressing than I mean for it to. The sun-warmed flip side of the same coin is that you have the experience constantly of happening upon things; because they can’t travel very far, these moments exist almost in parallel, adjacent vacuums.

Similarly, different places are open on vastly different schedules, and every street looks different depending on the time of the day. I only know what my neighborhood looks like before 9 and after 6, and sometimes on the weekends. It’s chameleonic in an urban way, just as responsive to the natural ebb and flow of time and physical reality as the woods, but completely man-made.

Living here is revelatory in minor ways on the daily. Here’s to living it up.